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What’s the use of disposable sampling swabs

What’s the use of disposable sampling swabs

Disposable sampling swabs are suitable for the collection of microorganisms.

They are not only helpful for the detection of viruses or research of virus samples in hospitals or laboratories,but also can be used for biological samples of human or animal natural cavities,

such as throat, nasal cavity, oral cavity, vagina and other parts.

It can also be used for the detection of human oral or nasal diseases.

It is necessary to collect oral epidermal cells or nasal virus samples with a sampling swab,

and save the cells or samples in the collection tube, and then transfer them to the laboratory for detection.

Here is an example of nasal swab sampling

Nasal swab operation cases:

① Ask the patient’s head to keep still and remove the secretion from the surface of the anterior nostril;

② Gently and slowly insert the swab into the nasopharynx through the nasal cavity;

③ When encountering resistance, they arrive at the posterior nasopharynx and stay for several seconds to absorb secretions;

④ Take out the swab gently and put it in the transport medium;

⑤ For the swab used for virological test,

immerse the head of the swab into the virus carrier solution,

discard the tail, and tighten the tube cover;

⑥ Return the swab to the sampling device or suitable transfer device

The characteristics of Hua Chenyang disposable swabs were as follows

① It is made of non inhibitory DNA amplification material,

which can be verified by direct PCR amplification, and the extraction step is omitted.

② .In order to keep the swab clean and free from contamination, we use the monomer independent packaging

③ No DNA enzyme and human DNA can be amplified.

④ The tube body is transparent and the inspection material is visible.

⑤ The unique casing design ensures the air circulation in the casing,

prevents the inspection materials from mildew due to the humid sealing environment,

and avoids the magazine pollution in the external air, thus affecting the inspection quality.

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