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Virus sampling tube (inactivated type) manual

Virus sampling tube (inactivate type) manual

♣、Product name:

① Common name: One-time use virus sampling tube

②、English name: Universal Transport Medium

③, specifications and models CY-FOO5-10, CY-FOO5-20, CY-FOO5-30

♣, Packing specification: 20 servings per box

♣, Intended use: for sample collection, transportation and storage.

♣、 Inspection principle:

It can not only perform protein denaturation on fresh clinical virus samples to inactivate the virus, but also prevent secondary infections and ensure the safety of transportation and testing personnel.

♣, structure composition: a combination of cotton swabs and transport medium (VTM).

♣、 Product requirements:

The product should be seal to avoid high temperature and direct sunlight.

The product must not only be use in a clean, hygienic, and pollution-free environment, but also in a suitable temperature environment.

♣, storage conditions and validity period:

①. The product should be store in a clean, hygienic, dry and ventilate environment,

②, the temperature is 5℃-35℃;

③, relative humidity <85%RH;

④. Product shelf life: 12 months.

♣, How to use:

①. Before sampling, mark relevant information on the label of the sampling tube.

② Use the corresponding cotton swab for sampling.

③. After the collection is complete, quickly put the cotton swab into the collection tube, break off the part higher than the sampling tube, and tighten the tube cover.

④ The specific sampling methods are as follows:

a) Nasal swab Gently insert the sampling head into the inside of the nasal cavity, stay for a while and then slowly rotate to exit, immerse the collecte specimen in Luxiang’s solution, break off the extra part and discard it, tighten the cap of the sampling tube.

b) Pharyngeal swab·Use the sampling head to wipe the bilateral pharyngeal tonsils and posterior wall of the pharynx, immerse the collecte specimen in the sampling solution, break the extra part and discard it, and tighten the cap of the sampling tube.

c) Collection of specimens of Mycoplasma Chlamydia and Ureaplasma

Male: Insert the sampling head into the urethra about 2cm and rotate it, stay for a while and then exit, immerse the collecte specimen in the sampling solution.

Female: Not only should the cervical mucus be wipe off first, the sampling head should be insert into the cervical tube for 1-2cm sampling, but also the collecte samples should be soake in the sampling solution, the surplus part should be break and discard, and the sampling tube cover should be tighten。

♣, matters needing attention:

First of all, after collecting the virus, the disposable swab should be completely inserted into the preservation solution to retain the virus as much as possible.

Then, the collected specimens must be sent for inspection in time.

Finally, it is forbidden to use products with damaged packaging and expiration date to prevent contamination.

This single-use virus sampling tube is use for in vitro diagnosis. It cannot be use for internal or external use in humans or animals. If swallow, it can cause serious incidents. It is irritating to the eyes and skin. If it is not splashe into the eyes, rinse it with water.

Virus sampling tube (inactivated type) manual

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