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What is VTM

Please note that products in product code QBD are not within the scope of the COVID-19 Transport Media Policy. The remainder of the product codes listed above are within the policy’s scope.

Generally, transport media consisting of PBS/saline would be regulated by this regulation.
** Generally, transport media consisting of certain types of viral transport media (VTM) would be regulated by these regulations, with the majority under 21 CFR 866.2390.
*** Generally, transport media consisting of certain types of inactivating transport media (ITM) would be regulated by this regulation.

Q: Which product codes are used for transport medium products?

A: This table shows product codes for different types of transport medium products.

Classification RegulationDevice TypeProduct CodeDevice Classification
21 CFR 866.2300*Culture Media, Non-Selective and Non-DifferentialJSGI (Exempt)
21 CFR 866.2390**Culture Media, Non-Propagating TransportJSMI (Reserved)
Culture Media, Anaerobic TransportJSLI (Reserved)
Culture Media, Propagating TransportJSNI (Reserved)
21 CFR 866.2900**Device, Specimen CollectionLIOI (Reserved)
System, Transport, AerobicJTWI (Reserved)
Transport Systems, AnaerobicJTXI (Reserved)
21 CFR 866.2950***Microbial Nucleic Acid Storage and Stabilization DeviceQBDII

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