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Where are the Huachenyang sterile swabs used?

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Where are the Huachenyang sterile swabs used

Huachenyang sterile swabs, also called disposable sterile sampling swabs, medical sterile flocking sampling swabs,

Genetic sampling series flock DNA oral test swabs can not only be use to increase the amount of genomic DNA of oral test cells but also the quality of DNA.

Oral cell samples are a good non-invasive collection and detection method that replaces blood.

Combined with iClean Hcy series DNA separation and stabilization kits,

it can quickly realize the collection of high-purity and complete DNA samples.

Sterile swabs are suitable for skin surface sampling, such as DNA collection, oral cells, surface, microorganisms, bacterial and virus detection sampling, etc. The advantage is that it is easier to use than traditional swabs. The collection and release volume is large, and it can be broken. Traditional swabs It also requires laboratory personnel to cut it with scissors, which is too troublesome and time-consuming. Our sterile flocking disposable sampling swab greatly reduces the time cost.

The sterile flocking swab is suitable for humans and animals. It has advantages over other DNA test samples in design. Its unique test sample matrix and quick release interface are more conducive to efficient cell collection and maximize DNA yield. The test piece has been sterilize with ethylene oxide and passed the test for human DNA contamination.

It can be used for bacteriological sample processing, COVID-19, nasal swab sampling, throat swab sampling, oral swab sampling, virological cell culture, DFA test, rapid and direct test, enzyme immunoassay test, polymerase chain reaction and based Molecular diagnostic testing and forensic identification are ideal.

It can also be use for throat sampling of respiratory viruses such as influenza, swine flu, avian flu, hand, foot and mouth.

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