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What are the advantages of Huachen Yang nasal swab

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What are the advantages of Huachen Yang nasal swab

Advantages of nasal swabs:

1. The nasal swab adopts the spray-type implanted nylon fiber technology, which is first-class in the domestic and foreign markets. This material can absorb more samples, effectively increasing the collection and release rate of cell and virus samples, and The sample is easier to fall off, so that the final analysis result can be more accurate.

2. The nasal swab adopts a medical ABS plastic rod with a breakable design to facilitate the transportation of specimens.

3. Excellent quality can double the collection effect of swabs, from the 20% sampling and release rate of traditional swabs to the current 95% collection and release rate, thus ensuring high results reliability.

4. Ethylene oxide sterilization, independent packaging, equipped with virus sampling tube, convenient transportation of culture medium, and storage at room temperature.

Advantages of nasal swab sampling:

1. It can stay in the pharynx for a longer period of time in order to obtain more sufficient samples. This is also the reason why the positive rate is higher than that of oropharyngeal swabs report in the literature.

2. The patient is well tolerate, and can basically take samples without anesthesia after proficient operation, but the surface anesthesia and contraction of the nasal mucosa can be perform at the beginning.

3. The exposure risk of the sampler is lower than that of an oropharyngeal swab, because we can operate the sampler from behind the patient when sampling, and the patient is required to pull down the mask to expose only the nostrils and cover the oral cavity without directly facing the patient’s oral cavity. , And basically no pharyngeal reflex, a few patients may have sneeze reflex after sampling, the patient can be covered by elbow or tissue, and because the sampler is not directly in front of the patient, the exposure risk is lower, so the sampler’s heart pressure will not be so great .

What are the advantages of Huachen Yang nasal swab

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