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flocked swab.

flocked swab.

The innovative iClean® can improve specimen collection

and testing capabilities to provide better clinical care.

Why is flocking cotton swabs better than traditional cotton swabs?

Due to the ergonomic, anatomical swab design and softer texture,

clinicians report that patients can be more comfortable.

Studies have shown that samples collected using iClean® can elute

more than 90% of the samples, thus improving the test sensitivity.

The powerful capillary hydraulic function between the Nylon® strands can speed up the maximum absorption and

release of liquid samples.

The soft, brush-like texture of the swab helps to effectively remove target cells.

Compatible with multiple applications and platforms, including bacteriological and virological culture,

rapid antigen detection, molecular-based detection, direct fluorescent antibody (DFA) detection, enzyme immunoassay (EIA) and cytological detection.

flocked swab.

Features of throat swab products:

1. A release rate of more than 90% for the collected samples;

2. It can be operated with one hand to avoid pollution and is convenient to use;

3. Ethylene oxide sterilization, independent packaging;

4. Unique technology, increase the comfort of the collected person;

5. Under normal temperature conditions, samples can be stored for 12 months;

6. Throat swab The swab set is a combination of swab and preservation solution, which cooperates with one time/person to collect swab samples.

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