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How to buy our flocked swabs

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How to buy our flocked swabs

1. Contact the sales manager of our factory

2. We have got in touch with the sales manager of our factory, and have obtained the quotation, packing, specification, size, gross and net weight of flocking swabs, as well as the country of sale. Shipping report

3. Delivery time for small and large quantities of flocking swabs.

4. Electronic picture books of various specifications of flocking swabs. CE, FDA information,

5: Get contact information of sales consultant of flocking swab factory

6: Apply for a special price for flocking swabs.

7. Air, land, sea transportation, delivery time, express delivery time, shipping time, air freight, ocean freight price of flocking swab. We provide relevant information

8: Obtain flocking swab factory information, collection information, collection method,

9: Long term cooperation with customers flocking swab preferential program.

10: Custom flocking swab mold time, delivery time.Factory certificate, ISO13485, CE, FDA, China class II medical device registration certificate, sterility registration certificate.

iClean Flocked Swab by :Huachenyang (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd

How to buy our flocked swabs

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