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Overview of saliva collector

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Overview of saliva collector

What is a saliva collector?

The saliva collector can be call not only a saliva sampler, but also a saliva collection device and a DNA saliva collection tube.

The saliva collector is a method of obtaining genetic DNA that is harmless and painless to the human body.

This method not only does not cause any discomfort to the samplers, but it is also easily accepte.

so it can greatly expand the sampling range of DNA genetic research.

First, the most convenient way to collect DNA for genetic testing is to use a saliva collector and then blood.

It is a relatively popular detection method at present.Saliva contains a large number of DNA saliva cells,so it can greatly expand the sampling range of genetic research.

Description of the saliva collector:

Description of the saliva collector:

①、 The saliva collector is composed of a funnel, a sampling tube and a preservation liquid;

②、 The funnel can send saliva directly to the non-toxic stable buffer;

③ 、There are clear graduation lines on the surface of the saliva collector;

④、 The unique funnel design can not only prevent backflow, but also the sampler is very convenient, which is convenient for sample transportation and storage.

⑤、 The saliva collector can not only collect samples at home, but also does not have to go to the hospital to queue up, which is very convenient and time-saving.

⑥、 The saliva collector can not only be used for paternity testing, genetic testing, predict the future development direction of the child, but also predict the disease in advance.

Collection method of saliva collector:

1. Gently spit 2ml of saliva into the saliva collector

2. Pour the preservation solution into the saliva. Close the lid

3. Tumble up and down to mix the saliva and preservation liquid evenly

4. Put the sampling tube in the biosafety bag for inspection

5. Discard the funnel.

Overview of saliva collector

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