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What are the advantages of using saliva for DNA genetic testing?

What are the advantages of using saliva for DNA genetic testing?

In theory, DNA can be extract from any cell in the body. However, the epithelial cells of the oral mucosa have the characteristics of high metabolism, rapid turnover, and easy shedding,

which can be naturally shedding into saliva. Such cells have a complete human genomic DNA sequence. And related experimental results show that the DNA from saliva and DNA from blood were use for polymerase chain (PCR) reaction,

and the sequencing results of the two were completely consistent.

Generally speaking, there are two sampling methods for genetic testing: one is anticoagulant blood, and the other is saliva collection and testing.

Relevant experiments have shown that the PCR reaction of DNA in blood and epithelial cells extracted from saliva will produce the same sequencing results.

Therefore, whether it is blood or saliva samples, the analysis results should be based on the correct sampling method. ,

There is no difference between the two.

To be precise, it should be the epithelial cells shed in the oral mucosa in the saliva, just like the “Oral swab” of the paternity test sample, do not eat 30 minutes before the sample is collected,

and rinse your mouth with water to prevent foreign bodies in the oral cavity from affecting the timeliness of the sample ,

The epithelial cells of the oral mucosa can naturally fall off into the saliva, and these all contain DNA sequences in the human genome.

Collecting saliva for babies from a young age to a few months is as applicable as a centenarian. One is convenience, but it is painless compare to collecting fingertip blood or venous blood. For the vaccinators who are all “sniffing their teeth”, collecting saliva has the characteristics of easy operation and high safety.

Generally, blood sampling is traumatic sampling, which requires professional or laboratory personnel to collect. Generally, personal collection of samples is not recommend, so it is convenient for customers to collect saliva.

Collecting saliva for testing is a conclusion drawn through practice by thousands of experimental researchers around the world. Facts have proved that saliva samples can guarantee the accuracy of genetic test results,

so there is no need to worry too much about the reliability of saliva samples. Don’t worry about its accuracy!

What are the advantages of using saliva for DNA genetic testing?

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