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Professional Manufacturing Of Flocked Swab From Huachenyang

Professional Manufacturing Of Flocked Swab From Huachenyang

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Huachenyang has more than ten years of technical experience in the production of flocking swabs. The products are exported to more than 100 countries and regions.

The customers served are not only the world’s top 500 diagnostic laboratories, but also medical laboratories, hospitals, disease control centers, inspection and quarantine, microbiological testing rooms, and biopharmaceutical companies.

Flocked Swab Manufacturer from Huachenyang

Patented Original Technology for Optimal Sample Collection and Diagnostics

Flocked swabs
Please note: We are experiencing a higher than usual national demand for swabs and are currently experiencing low stock levels, We are a manufacturer, don’t worry about delivery issues, we can fully cooperate with orders, we produce flocking swabs 24 hours a day, and work overtime to provide flocking swabs around the world..

Please send an email to to understand your needs.

The cotton swab uses innovative nylon fiber technology, which can provide excellent sample collection and release.

Features and functions:

Flocking swabs not only release 75% higher than ordinary swabs. It is also compatible with rapid, EIA, molecular, DFA, cytology, bacteriology and virus culture applications.
Moreover, the ergonomic and anatomical design of the cotton swab improves the comfort of the patient and the ability to collect specimens.
In addition, the soft brush-like texture can not only quickly and effectively remove cells, but also the safe and convenient breakpoints can be quickly and automatically eluted, allowing the sample to be released into the liquid medium instantaneously and spontaneously.
(The release rate of flocked swabs is at least 95%, while the release rate of ordinary fiber swabs is 25%.)

Professional Manufacturing Of Flocked Swab From Huachenyang Product Details

DescriptionTipBreakpointOrder CodesShelf pack and Order Qty
Flocked swab, individual wrapped in a paper peel pouchMini tip flocked swab80mm 100
Regular nylon flocked swab80mm 100
Flexible nasopharyngeal mini tip flocked swab80mm 100
Neonatal ultra mini tip flocked swab.80mm 100
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