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flocked tapered swab

flocked tapered swab


Huachenyang (Shenzhen) Technology Co., Ltd

Our flocked swabs have vertical nylon fibers that not only optimize sample collection but also elution into the transport medium.

The swabs also feature a molded breakpoint that allows you to safely and easily break off the swab stick, and several breakpoint options are available for different tubes.



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Flocked Swab
Individually wrapped in a paper peel pouch
Nasal Flocked Transport SwabCY-96000100pcs

Oral Flocked Transport SwabCY-93050D100pcs
Vaginal Flocked Transport SwabCY-95000M100pcs
Throat Flocked Swab with 10ML Transport Medium TubeCY-93050 & CY-005D50PCS

Moreover, CY-93050 flocking swab can also use innovative nylon fiber technology to provide excellent sample collection and release.

It not only has a plastic axis with a “breakpoint” to allow the cotton swabs to enter the test tube, but also can successfully collect the cotton swab through the screen “capture” cover after the tube is closed,,

Packing Info:

Carton Size: 524030cm,Qty/CTN: 5000pcs,CBM: 0.0624m³,N.W./G.W.: 5kg/6.5kg

The Huachenyang™ sterile sampling swab is not only carefully designed, but also can effectively collect biological fluids for elution and analysis.

especially nasopharyngeal and oropharyngeal sampling. 

The swabs were not only sterilized by ETO, but also free of human DNA, DNA, RNA degrading enzymes and polymerase chain reaction inhibitors.

Swab heads are available with either flocked or foam material. Brush tufted microfiber swabs are not only more comfortable, soft and water absorbent, but also can absorb fluid samples quickly

Because Huachenyang sterile sampling swabs can provide more consistent and reproducible sample collection,
Therefore, the chance of re-sampling is greatly reduced.

Factory Certificates available:

  • FDA Registered
  • ISO13485:2016 since 2018 (TÜV Rheinland)
  • EC Certificate Dir 93/42/EEC Annex V
  • Made for COVENTRY™ by Miraclean

Brief introduction of aseptic foam swab

Because the sterile cotton swab is made of polyurethane foam and ABS or cotton swab handle,

and the polyurethane foam is basically composed of 100PPI net foam structure,

So not only can absorb the maximum,Moreover, the pore structure is open, which is particularly advantageous for quickly absorbing and releasing the sample into the analysis solution.

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