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What to pay attention to when sampling nasal swabs

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What to pay attention to when sampling nasal swabs

The following are the things we need to pay attention to when we go for a nasal swab.

Precautions for samplers:

1. The sampler stands on the side of the subject and takes the sample.

2.Subjects were asked to pull down the mask to reveal only their nostrils.

If the subject has a sneezing reflex, the subject can block it with an elbow or a tissue. This will not be directly in front of the subject and can reduce the risk of exposure.

3. If the subjects turbinate hypertrophy, nasal passages are narrow, and the nasal swab insertion feels resistance, you can try to change one side of the nasal cavity or directly change to oropharyngeal swab collection.

4. People with nasal allergies may easily induce sneezing. It is recommended to use an oropharyngeal swab for sampling.

5. Remember to wear a protective mask/face screen. For individuals who are highly suspecte or basically diagnos, or have severe coughs and hiccups, they should wear protective clothing.

6. After sampling, it is necessary to change gloves, perform hand hygiene and disinfection, and spray disinfectant on the contact area.

Precautions for the subject to do nasal swabs:

1. Do not take antibiotics for a few days before using the nasal swab. This will affect the test results.

2. In the few hours before the nasal swab is wipe, do not use disinfectant mouthwash or apply the topical area.

3. You cannot eat, smoke or drink for several hours before the nasal swab is wipe.

What to pay attention to when sampling nasal swabs

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