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What should I pay attention to when using nasal swabs?

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What should I pay attention to when using nasal swabs?

Pay attention to the use of nasal swabs:

1. Sampling objects should be patients with fever ≥38℃ within 3 days of onset of illness.

2. The volume of the sampling tube should be about 10mL, not too large, so as not to affect the post-processing of the specimen.

3. In fact, the nasopharyngeal swab is best to use a slender swab, about 75mm~80mm in length, which is convenient for sampling.

4. The head of the nasopharyngeal swab should be make as small as possible to avoid discomfort to the patient during sampling

5. Do not use too much solution in the sampling tube, so as not to dilute the sample and affect the post-processing of the sample

6. Therefore, if necessary, two nasal swabs can be used as parallel samples.

7. It is best to store the collected specimens in the refrigerator, and transport them to the laboratory or a place where they can be tested within 24 hours in a refrigerator.

8. If it cannot be sent to the laboratory for testing in time, it needs to be stored at -70°C.

Manufacturers of nasal swabs:

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